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Discover 4 Stylish Fashion Trends with the Double XL Freedom collection.

Embark on a fashion journey with the Freedom Collection filled with fashion trends, where the essence of style features exclusive prints and colours that set new trends. Each limited-edition print reflects creativity and style, leaving a lasting impression on fashionsteek oorbellen nike airmax plus fff yeezy x prada alviero martini prima classe portafoglio violino nero giga sport alpargatas vflex adidas originals 3mc black chaqueta hombre nike sportswear down fill windrunner Chile zapatos adidas altos para mujer cicás hosszúujjú gyerekpóló cicás hosszúujjú gyerekpóló telescopio per guardare le stelle prezzo amazon verset stella perfume steek oorbellen enthusiasts. The colours in this collection come with unique stories, adding depth to your fashion choices. Embrace the latest style trends that redefine the fashion landscape and allow your unique personality to shine through our range of prints and colours.שיער ארוך קסדה אופנוע boss the scent for him mazda 323 ľave zadne svetlo pokladnička handmade blæk fyldepen philips hue bridge 1 v 2 magsafe 2 charger 45w badeforhæng blonde pánsky kabát z marks&spencer sviečka rovná 170mm biela desktop sls printer מילוי גז מזגן רכב עם זרחן biltema mc lås godkänt lego 71346 אקווריום עם דגים 

Inclusivity Meets Creativity with Exclusive prints and colours

Our commitment to inclusivity empowers individuals of all body sizes and preferences to express their unique style. Our exclusive collection boasts colours, from vibrant hues to subtle tones and prints ranging from timeless simplicity to avant-garde abstract designs.

Exclusive prints by Double XL 

In the latest fashion trends, vibrant prints are one of the most prominent trends in bold statement and style. Introducing: Double XL’s Latest limited edition exclusive prints are a testament to creativity where every print has a story to tell designed by our in-house design team.

The abstract prints where Double XL offers abstract designs that are not only visually striking but also incredibly versatile. These prints are an excellent choice for those who prefer bold and unconventional patterns, adding an artistic flair to any outfit.  

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Dive into style with our Kyile dress, featuring a captivating abstract Exclusive Printed pattern. Suitable for fashion enthusiasts who appreciate abstract prints.

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Discover effortless elegance with our Ladies Olivia top, designed for those who appreciate abstract prints and comfort. With our DXL Exclusive Printed pattern and a regular length, it offers a relaxed yet sophisticated look. 

Geometric prints are back with these geometric patterns from the Double XL freedom collection consisting of simple lines and shapes to complex designs

DSC1844 scaled 1
DSC2056 scaled 1

Our Exclusive Shirt collection features the DXL DXL-exclusive printed pattern. These shirts blend luxury and style seamlessly. Choose from the Gents Exclusive Long Sleeve Standard Collar Shirt with Planket Detail or the Gents Exclusive Short Sleeve Standard Collar Shirt. Elevate your wardrobe with these statement pieces, each designed for fashion-forward individuals.

The brand’s logo is elegantly printed on a white patterned outfit, capturing the essence of timeless sophistication.


Dive into style with our Gents Exclusive Short Sleeve Chinese Collar Shirt, featuring a captivating DXL Exclusive Printed pattern based on the logo of our brand. It is suitable for fashion enthusiasts who appreciate authentic prints.

Basic Shapes and Colours

Apart from the above variety of prints, the Freedom collection is also available in basic shapes and colours for individuals who prefer simple designs and colours. 

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The Lisa dress is a versatile wardrobe essential that effortlessly suits every mood. Available in various colours, including pink and yellow, it elevates your style with the ultimate fashion statement.

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The Kate dress, defined by its striking triangular silhouette, stands out as an embodiment of style and sophistication. This shape highlights elegance and also offers a fresh take on classic designs. It’s poised to be the centre of attention at any event, from weddings to first dates.

Experience the ultimate fashion experience with Double XL, where beauty comes in all sizes. Discover these exclusive outfits and many more at our physical store or online at today.

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